Sahara | Morocco
Morocco is a dazzling mix of Arabic and Berber culture with an Afro/European flair thrown in. This is a romantic and otherworldly country, both alluring and exotic.
Strange Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon in Iceland exudes the mysticism of this outwardly terrain, yet, immerse in it, there is a strange feeling gnawing at your core; at the same time, you are drawn enamored, and helplessly, you want to answer its call. It draws you closer.
The Climb
We are our own challenges. The trick is - what are you going to do about it?
Guten Morgen | Hiking in the Bernese
Marvel a dreamy purposeful even in accidental grandeurasity. You put me in a place like that, my mind is clear...Hacking your visual senses. Common on, the rising Wind. I'm heading to an earthly yet heavenly plane...Obsessive playful curiosity about all the wonders of nature, but I have the mental capability to calculate risk and emotional ability to tolerate it.
Bodega Bay
The ability to enjoy the company of others particularly that of your family separated by geography and time has a profound emotional outcome when shared over food and wine.. Or simply that you miss each other........................
Arches + Hike
Lost causes are not lost causes | Be in Awe || Own it ||| Do something about it |||| There's a BIG world out there...
Napa + Wine = JOY
There is something about the Napa valley bringing out an engaging conversation, joy, and laughter... They say it is the wine or the company you choose.  Perhaps, all the above and much more, but we'll stick with the spirit for now.....
Olde Western Spirit
The allures of the cowboys beacon you to the old Western charm, painting that unabashed freedom of the wind, big sky country, open range or mountain rustic, and peculiar characters. A cowgirl in particular will look you deeply straight in the eye and then greets you with a firm handshake when she meets you. With deep respect, she happily holds the door open for you, and a tip of the cowboy hat or nod a charming thanks to others profusely when they offer that same politeness.
Master Chef
With steely eyes and mastery of the tools of the trade, a sushi master dedicates himself to careful preparation with abundant passion, unflappable concentration, and give much love, all for your exquisite palate experience.
Maureen's Adventures
Hiking and travel is everything for Maureen. For health or the pleasure to be awed with this magnificent earth.
Amore veneziano
I do declare. I love Venice! Veni vidi vici. Iterum veniam. Yours truly. ~ a Venetian lover...
Cowgirls + Arches
The Old West and the western landscapes was won by the adventurers, the risk takers, and the cowgirls.
Central Park Neighborhood
Central Park is a one of Denver newest neighborhoods, a family friendly place that blooms in all seasons of the year.
The Mile High Lifestyle
Denver is the capital of Colorado and the center for the active lifestyle, either in city life or the mountains.
Mountain Sky Lifestyle
Nestled between the Grand County mountains in Granby, Colorado, golf is merely a pastime to the pristine surrounding where abundant wildlifes such a young female moose roams the countryside, numerous alpine lakes for boating, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, or fly fishing on the Fraser, Colorado River and endless streams while camping on the river's edge are but a leisure activities to partake. If more vigorous yet invigorating challenges you seek, you are just a step outside the door at the upcoming Mountain Sky lodging located in the Gran Elk community; be it hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, ATV, off roading and the ample joy each bring, you can experience all that hyper sensory to the max. At Mountain Sky @ Grand Elk, you, your family and guests can have all the four seasons in luxurious, comfort living in the middle of the Great Outdoors. After all, you worked hard, why not serve yourself to live & breathe life? Enjoy relaxing days... with us at Mountain Sky. Create an eternal memorable experience...your mountain house awaits you.
Painted Mine
Portrait + landscape photography are focused areas I'm really interested in. This shoot was purposely done with candid shots in mind as I wanted to capture people's emotions and interaction with their beautiful environment. There is something beautiful about the raw, truer nature of a person's honesty that goes with candid shots than with a posed photography. You can feel the real relationship of appreciation, awe, and wonder of how a person feels like being enveloped with the majestic beauty of nature..
Rush Down
...the mountain top......... "If I had a week all to myself, And could put life on hold, high up on the shelf; How I would spend it, you want to know - Well let’s see now, if I can give it a go... Anyone who mountain bikes on a wilderness trail, especially where wildlife predators are known to prevail, are all performing a very unsafe and dangerous thing...." x Joe Flach (1st Verse); Billy TheKidster (2nd Verse)...
Devil's Thumb
In Tabernash, Colorado.... Tranquility immersed and be one with a scenic nature invites relaxation to soothe the soul // Walk alongside horses, smell the flowers on a hike in the pristine mountain // Then, sleep away in the moment of a stillness pitch black with soft caressing envelopment in your log cabin reminiscent of old country living // It is not a dream // That's a vacation.
Picnic & Fly
Life in Grand County, Colorado is indeed grand. Whether you are hiking or mountain biking or seeing wildlifes along on the edge of the lakes and rivers, there are still endless activities to do like picnicking with your 4-legged best friend on a nearby streams watching fly fisherman catching a trout or two......🎯 Grand County, CO (@visitgrandcounty) is home to the towns of Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash, Granby, Hot Sulphur Springs, Kremmling, and Grand Lake to name a few quaint mountain towns. For more info, visit:
~ 4x4 ~
You are not lost when you’re exploring. The freedom of a 4x4 truck, savagely rummaging the Great Outdoors leaves to the imagination...until you realize the subject is a mirage. I was aiming to make it realistic until one realize that the RC's are that...This shoot was a nostalgic, fun imagery to our inner kid's dreaming of the past; but on this case, it's the adult playing with their toys... Areas of photography exhibited: commercial, product, landscape, portrait.