AntEloPe CanYon
|| DESERT BLOOM || Catch the desert at the right time of the day and it blooms with some vivid colors right before your eyes.
ABSTRACT: relating to or involving general ideas or qualities rather than specific people, objects, or actions. abstract thinking. abstract ideas/concepts such as love and hate.
Old Western Americana
A homage to the Old Western landscape....
Mind the Gap
"It is one thing to depict a scene accurately, it is another to portray the character and mood of a place."  ~unknown
Cityscape | Pano
Interstellar Travelers
What if Star Trek's monologue to 'seek out new life' looked at it from an 'alien' perspective? Imagine if some strange intelligent alien botanical life forms exploring the universe for other alien life including humans.
Skyline in (-) Space
Negative space provides a stark contrast to the positive objects. Like some celestial object emerging thru the midnite darkness vacuum of outer space, its lines, shapes, and forms of the Denver skyline seems to jut out with clarity, volume, and dimension yet in a minimalist style.
Agglomeration BW
ag·​glom·​er·​a·​tion | \ ə-ˌglä-mə-ˈrā-shə: a heap or cluster of usually disparate elements.
Old chasm of silence || Float until we fly || All I see are tomorrows ||
Dairy Block
The Diary Block or Milk Market is Denver's latest stylish urban complex with a range of buzzy bars & restaurants, plus upscale boutiques & a hotel. ||4||2||7|| THROWBACK... H. Brown Cannon, who moved to Colorado with tuberculosis in 1866, founded the Windsor Farm Dairy, which grew to serve over 5,000 (over 50% at the time) of the Denver households with horse-drawn milk trucks. In 1928, Meadow Gold, also known as Beatrice Foods Company, of Chicago, bought out the Windsor Dairy and continued to produce dairy products at this location. H. Brown Cannon became director of Beatrice Foods, the largest dairy in Colorado....
Venice B&W
Venice with its timeless architectures, gondalas, never ending canals, and rich history has to be imaged in the classical black and white style.
Mountain | Sea | Desert | Waterfalls
MOAB '21
Things to do in Moab. Alot actually. Sites to sell, you have the Arches National Park and Canyonland National Park
Grand County
Beautiful Grand County with picturesque towns such as Winter Park, Fraser Granby, Grand Lake, Tabernash, Hot Sulphur Springs, Kremmling. It is also the west entrance to the Rocky Mountain National Park
The open range Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge can be a surprising site to visit. Sometimes the wildlife may just jump out in front of you.
Tulips R Us
Silky smooth lips || Pink folds of woven flesh || Glistening with wetness || Their allure -- the aroma || Her elixir --- my nectar.......... x Style
Flores de Colores
Dahlia pinnata
Pale purple cone +
A Rose But A Name
Hydrangea macrophylla
Tulipa || Splendors Bountiful
Daisies + Lilies
Helianthus annuus
Sometimes, we get lost in the moment | You go into a blank space | There, in solitude | In the stillness | Allow the quietness to blanket your mind | Stay there for the time being. Ponder | In the space between the panels, you will find the connection.......Enjoy the silence | Visualize | Then, slowly, open your eyes to the possibilities.....