Two Wolves
The Watch
With over 25 years of faithful service to this country, a loving husband, father, and a mentor to many that touch his path, a good man rested a few weeks ago. There are no words more poetic befitting his service than the words of The Watch | Author Unknown.
Bamboo Framed Sunglass
This studio photography project was for a Small Product with Graduated Background. The shade is an interesting piece with good lines and colorful decor that would look striking in a photograph. The bamboo glass casing also has great textures to capture and showcase the beautiful aesthetics of the products. Product: Jetsam Black, Blue Lens Sunglass; Vert Series. Proprietor: SwitchWood by Drew Graham Website: https://www.switchwood.com/wooden-sunglasses
Along with the cinemagraphs, focus stacking help to sharpen the Still images..... Credited Product: https://www.glenfiddich.com/us/collection/product-collection/all/
Cigar Box Guitar Blues
Thanks to Mr. BK, a real pro and a bad ass blues guitarist in his own right, for allowing me to be in his presence. The project is to create (3) sets consisting of a music album cover, both in square cover and wrap around format.
Camera Obscura | Analog Film + Chemical Processing
A gallery for old school black and white, using film, an old 35mm camera, and most endearing of it is doing the darkroom chemistry myself and using alternative processing - sephia toning, Van Dyke, cyan type, alcohol transfer. There is something to be said about throwback & rediscovering the imperfections and naivety of old snapshot photography. There's a different, pleasing texture and contrast that makes film camera and chemistry technique unique from digital photography. {Camera=Room in Italian; Obscura=Dark in Latin}
Alternative Processes | Cyano Type
Alternative Processes | Alcohol Transfer
Alternative Processes | Alcohol Transfer
Alternative Processes | Van Dykes Brown Processing
Darkroom | T-Shirt Design